Friday, June 24, 2011

I told Andrew

I told Andrew today about his little sister. I asked him if he knew what Down Syndrome was and he said no. I said well your little sister is going to be born w/ it. I don't think he really grasps it though. I told him she will look a little different. He said like what. I said her eyes might be different and her ears...he said so she'll look like a monster... I said no (laughing a little...words of an 8 yr. old). He said what color will her eyes be... I said I don't know... well he said what will be different about her eyes... I said they will be almond shaped.. I also told him I will want his help, like he does w/ Jake, because she will be a little behind. He said OK. He doesn't really seemed phased by this information. I really didn't think he would be. But he knows and I'll answer any questions that may come up.

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